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The Human Animal Science website is proud to host information relating to upcoming conferences and events featuring the science of Anthrozoology. If you have an event you’d like listed below, please contact us at



Hosts:  Active Environments, The Shape of Enrichment
Event:  4th Southeast Asian Animal Enrichment and Training Workshop
Date:  9 – 13 February 2015
Location:  Subic Bay, Philippines

Hosts:   Australian Psychological Society (APS)
Event:  APS Promoting Animal Welfare (PAWS) 2015 Conference: Starting the Conversation
Date:  21 February 2015
Location:  Sydney, Australia

Hosts:  EU Dog and Cat Alliance
Event:  European Pet Night 2015
Date:  25 February 2015
Location:  Brussels, Belgium

Hosts:  The University of Sydney
Event:  Zoobiquity Conference
Date:  27 February 2015
Location:  Sydney, Australia


Hosts: International Companion Animal Management (ICAM)
Event: 2nd International Conference on Dog Population Management
Date:  3 – 5 March 2015
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Hosts:  Association of British and Irish Wild Animal Keepers (ABWAK)
Event: The Modern Zookeeper, Animals, Training, & the Public
Date:  7 – 8 March 2015
Location: Broxbourne, UK

Hosts:  Australasian Society of Zoo Keeping (ASZK)
Event:  Past, Present and Future
Date:  12th – 15th March 2015
Location:  Launceston, Australia

Hosts: Eastern Kentucky University
Event:  Living With Animals Conference
Date:  19 – 21 March 2015
Location:  Richmond, USA


Hosts:  University of North Texas
Event: Moral Cultures of Food: Access, Production and Consumption from Past and Present
Date: 2 – 4 April 2015
Location: Texas, USA

Hosts: British Veterinary Behaviour Association (BVBA)
Event:  Keeping the peace – human and pet relationships
Date:  8 April 2015
Location: Birmingham, UK

Event: The Ethics of Creating Motivation in Animal Training
Date: 11 – 12 April 2015
Location: Lund, Sweden

Hosts:  International Association of Animal Behviour Consultants (IAABC)
Event:  IAABC Feline Behaviour Conference
Date:  11 – 12 April 2015
Location:  Atlanta, USA

Hosts:  British Society of Animal Science (BSAS)
Event:  Science with Impact
Date:  14 – 15 April 2015
Location:  Chester, UK

Hosts:  Green Chimneys
Event:  Human Animal Interaction HAI 2015 | Growing Together: Kids, Animals and Sowing the Seeds of Resiliency
Date:  24 – 25 April 2015
Location:  Brewster, New York, USA


Hosts: World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA)
Event: World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress 2015
Date: 15 – 18 May 2015
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Hosts: International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organisations (IAHAIO)
Event: Advancing HAI beyond boundaries: Developing our road map for the future
Date:  28 – 30 May 2015
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark


Event: National Dog Bite Prevention & Behaviour Conference 2015
Date: 6 June 2015
Location: Lincoln, UK

Hosts: Society for the Promotion of Applied Research in Canine Science
Event: 2015 SPARCS International Conference on Dog Behaviour
Date:  19 – 21 June 2015
Location: Phoenix, USA

Hosts: Centre Of Applied Pet Ethology: Association of Applied Pet Behaviour & Trainers (CAPBT)
Event: Annual Conference
Date: 20th June 2015
Location: Leamington Spa, UK

Hosts:  University of Manchester
Event:  Pedigree Chums:  The Dog in 20thC Science – Science in the 20thC Dog
Date:  26 June 2015
Location Manchester, UK
More: Professor Michael Worboys –

Hosts: Screen
Event: 25 Annual Screen Studies Conference – “Screening Animals and the Inhuman”
Date: 26 – 28 June 2015
Location: Glasgow, Scotland


Hosts: International Society for Anthrozoology (ISAZ)
Event: Topics in Human Animal Interaction Research: Significance of Research in History and for the Future
Date:  7 – 9 July 2015
Location: Saratoga Springs, New York, USA

Hosts: Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW)
Event: UFAW International Animal Welfare Science Symposium 2015: Animal Populations – World Resources and Animal Welfare
Date:  14 – 15 July 2015
Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Hosts: Humane Slaughter Association
Event: Food animal welfare during transport, marketing and slaughter
Date:  16 – 17 July 2015
Location: Zagreb, Croatia


Hosts: International Ethological Conference (IEC), Australasian Society for the study of Animal Behaviour (ASSAB), Australasian Evolution Society (AES) & Australasia, New Zealand and Africa Region of the International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE)
Event: Behaviour 2015
Date:  9 – 14 August 2015
Location: Cairns, Australia


Hosts:  Association for Veterinary Teaching and Research Work
Event:  68th AVTRW Annual Conference
Date:  2-3 September 2015
Location:  Royal Veterinary College, UK

Hosts: International Congress of Zookeepers
Event: Fifth International Zookeeper Congress – Let’s Zoocialize!
Date:  9 – 13 September 2015
Location: Leipzig, Germany

Hosts: International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE)
Event: 49th Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology: Ethology for Sustainable Society
Date:  14 – 17 September 2015
Location: Sapporo, Japan

Hosts: Getting to Zero (G2Z)
Event:  6th National G2Z Summit 2015: Reaching Out To The community
Date:  14 – 17 September 2015
Location: Gold Coast, Australia


Hosts: Paws for Progress & The University of Stirling
Event: The Value of Human Animal Interactions
Date:  18 – 19 September 2015
Location: Stirling Court Hotel at The University of Stirling, UK


Hosts: World Association of Zoos and Aquariums
Event: Annual Conference
Date:  11 – 15 October 2015
Location: Al-Ain, UAE


Hosts:  The Kennel Club (UK)
Event:  The Canine Sports Science Seminar
Date:  01 November 2015
Location:  The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh, UK 

Hosts: College of Veterinary Medicine & College of Social Work – University of Tennessee
Event: 4th International Veterinary Social Work Summit
Theme: A Hidden Joy: The Role of Social Work in Animal-Related Grief and Bereavement
Date: 2 – 3 November 2015
Location: University of Tennessee, Knoxville, US


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